For Ontario Registered Massage Therapists (RMT): IN-PERSON Combined Fundamental Level and Examination


The early-bird Special discount is $2490 per registrant for the first ten complete registrations, which opens on June 3, 2024, at 09:00 AM.

This fundamental level introduces the basic concepts of acupuncture treatment, including the neuroanatomical, evidence-based, and basic science approach to common musculoskeletal conditions.  Safety issues and potential complications from acupuncture treatments will be discussed.  Dry needling techniques, electrical stimulation, and trigger points will be explored.  An in-person format will be used for the lectures, practical needling, written examinations, and practical examinations.  There will be self-study components to explore more in-depth theoretical and evidence-based acupuncture foundations and plan for treatment protocols.  The registrant may claim up to 100 hours of credits for work completed.  The core components consist of 50 hours of in-person contact.  The extra 50 hours of self-study are required for registrants to meet the requirements of their regulatory colleges or boards.

Saturday and Sunday, September 28, 29, 2024 08:00-5:15 PM
Saturday and Sunday, October 26, 27, 2024 08:00-5:15 PM
Saturday and Sunday, November 23, 24, 2024 08:00-5:15 PM
Saturday, December 7, 2024: Examination.  The written examination is in the morning, and the practical examination is in the afternoon.

Our university has paused the vaccine requirements policy at the moment.

Please ensure you can attend the above dates in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, before registering for our program.

Tuition Fees
The entire program with up to 100 hours of credits
Regular fee: $5995

Note: Registrants from the in-person cohort wanting to participate in any of the online components must pay the difference between the full online program fee and the fee they paid and will have their registration changed to online status.  No switching or changing to the online cohort from the in-person cohort is allowed within 30 days or less from the date of the Fundamental examination.

Please note that the tuition fee for the course or courses does not include the costs of the textbook, which can be purchased separately from the instructor through this link.   Course contents or materials will be provided as PDF files in a USB drive.  Please bring a laptop to access the course contents during classes.

Students must successfully pass the written and practical examinations within two years of registering and starting the acupuncture program.  Otherwise, students will not be admitted to the examinations unless they have taken a refresher course and completed all the practical session requirements again.

Students should consider purchasing cancellation insurance through a provider such as Allianz Global Assistance (  We strictly enforce our cancellation policy regardless of the reason for cancellation.